Defective Products

Defective product cases can arise due to faulty design, inadequate warning, or faulty manufacture. We have handled defective product cases involving many different products. These cases tend to result in severe injuries or death. Frequently product injuries occur at work. You may be able to pursue both a worker’s compensation claim and a claim against the product manufacturer. In addition to the statute of limitations, there is a statute of repose in Georgia that is a separate time limit that can defeat your defective product claim. If you have been injured by a product, call us now so we can do what it takes to preserve your claim and help you recover.

Work accident. First aid training.

If you believe your injury was caused by a defective product, be sure that you meet this criteria before taking further action:

  • The product was used in the manner that it was intended
  • Product directions were followed and warnings on the label were considered  

There are many potential twists and turns in design defects, failure to warn, or manufacturing defects, don’t take any chances on your recovery. Call us for a free consultation. 

I would be very proud to recommend your firm to anyone like me that did not know which way to turn for help. You are the best!

— Roger Moran, Franklin, GA


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