Automobile Accidents

Whether you are in a car, on a motorcycle, or a pedestrian, a collision with a vehicle can have life changing consequences. An ambulance ride and emergency room visit can easily cost more than $2000. Follow up care, even for an injury from which you may have a good recovery, can quickly mount up to $5,000, $10,000 or more. Lost wages and other expenses can make it feel like you are in a hole you can’t get out of. Insurance adjusters want you to sign authorizations and give recorded statements, and you aren’t sure what you should do. The right legal representation can make a difference.

auto accident

I love Perkins Law Firm. If they can help you, they will. They are outstanding. I will tell everybody about Perkins Law Firm. They are friendly and I am satisfied with everything they’ve done for me.

— Willie M. McClure, Carrollton GA

Auto Accident Settlements

If you decide to hire us, you can expect that we’ll get to know one another well, starting with the initial in-person meeting. Saying we understand that injury is personal is not just a slogan. It’s a commitment on our part to appreciate all that you are going through. You’ll meet with our attorney, Ann-Margaret Perkins, and review in detail, information important to your case. She will explain how your case will be handled each step along the way. You’ll also meet the paralegals who will be working on your behalf. We’ll spend as much time as needed that day and every day thereafter to make sure we have the information we need to get you the best recovery possible, and we are always happy to answer any of your questions.

Our team handles a variety of personal injury cases, but many involve automobile accidents of one type or another. We attempt to resolve cases by settlement —and most cases do settle —but if what’s being offered is not fair, we are happy to take the case to court. Ann-Margaret Perkins has tried cases in counties across Georgia, so if going to court is the direction your case takes, she will be sure you are prepared for that process.   

Getting Started

We identify resources for payment of ongoing expenses and work with medical providers to find solutions to overdue bills. We obtain your medical records and bills so you don’t have to sign authorizations where insurance adjusters can get all of your personal medical information. And you never have to talk to the adjuster again; we do that. All you have to do is work on getting better.

Do you have to know you want to hire a lawyer before you call us? No. We understand hiring a lawyer is an important decision, and we are happy to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision. We will need to ask you some questions – about the collision, the other parties involved, your injuries, your medical treatment, etc. Our goal is to understand things well enough that at the end of that conversation we can tell you whether we think you will benefit from our help.


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